It’s a quote!

Why do you travel?

Travel makes you realise that no matter how much you know, there is always more to learn

For us it’s a combination of the time spent catching up with each other about what’s been happening in our lives individually and seeing and exploring new places. We love the roadtrips in itself – taking us from place A to B. As Nicola knows very well, I could drive for hours and never tire of it – sitting in a device with 4 wheels, managing it’s direction to place after place, no restraints (pre-COVID ofcourse).

Some places have that special connection that take you back to visit it – such as Snowdonia for us. It is a magical place full of character and interesting places to explore. Each visit gives us more reason to go back.

I’m a strong believer of new experiences – in every aspect of life. Travel is a great way to refresh yourself, your mind, your soul and more which you will individually experience once you begin this journey (if you haven’t already) / once you continue this journey (to even more adventures).

We love this quote and are excited about our future travels and sharing them with you all!

Stay safe.

Chandni and Nicola

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