Crufts NEC – Dog Show

Hustle, bustle, umpteen stalls and even more four legged furry friends, everywhere.

Hi this is Chandni. Sharing with you our first visit to Crufts Dog Show held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. For this, we didn’t have far to travel :-).

Being a dog lover myself, I was in my element. Everyone has a fav breed – mine was, is and will be the incredible Siberian Husky. Throughout our day at Crufts, I was thinking at some point, I’ll see my first Husky, now? When? There! We’ve all been there right. πŸ™‚

Drawn to huskies – they represent a world away from a world – a rich history and needless to say but will do anyway – they’re stunning.

Understandably a lot of effort goes into building a show like this and into preparing the bubbly participants to take part.

It was beautiful seeing all these dogs happy and excited and their owners proud to show their precious pet family.

Nicola’s update coming soon.

For now, enjoy the photos and stay safe everyone.

Chandni πŸ™‚

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