Flashback – Penrith

Travel Cost: £52.15


July 2015. It’s the height of British Summer, or rather less of it! With windy yet dry weather forecasted, we decided on a visit to the Lake District. After some research (yes this was our only bit of planning), Penrith, Cumbria came to mind, as a free guided walk was to take place. After a very long and early train journey, we arrived at Pooley Bridge to meet up with our fellow walkers. After visiting the local tourist shop and waiting for some time, it soon seemed apparent that this walk was not taking place. So what do we do? Grab a tourist map and explore on our own!

Pooley Bridge

Confession – We love getting lost in new places. “There is actually nothing like it. To go somewhere new with no knowledge of the place and explore it. We’d advise people to try it. ”

Map in hand, ready for the trek we start walking. After descending Dunmallard Hill and taking stock of the road, the budding explorers in us decided to see what places of interest are out there in the opposite direction to our map. A couple of hundred yards later, we were only disappointed to see cars and foliage on a steep incline.

So back on our ‘yellow brick road’ it is! We took a quick pit stop up Dunmallard Hill. The green hues from the fields and trees are beautiful, alongside the lake and sky in a matching blended shade of white and pale blue.

Dunmallard Hil




Next, we begin our journey alongside the Lake. Passing Eusemore, we made a pit stop near the mile mark in Gale Bay.  As this view was so grand, naturally more photographs soon followed in and around the immediate area. With the old trees forming as benches, rocks poking out of the surface and the hills in the distance (some without any peaks to be seen) the lake is perfectly in the middle, trapped within. #photomoment


Gale Bay

Next we come across Waterside House Campsite. How lovely that one can pitch up a tent next to the lakes edge, fish, canoe or simply sit and watch the world go by. A short stop at a swing set added a bit of silliness to the photo album! 🙂

After passing Cross Dermont, it is decided that this visit needs to go upwards! Daunting as it is seeing the peak so high, it certainly makes good motivation to gain some sense of accomplishment…physically strenuous accomplishment might we add! Passing a farm, the ground underfoot began to get rather muddy as we lose the gravelled footpath towards Glennridding. Yet every stop to look outwards is stunning, to a point where photographs do not do justice! Sitting upon rocks, it is quite easy to get lost in thought and to admire what Mother Nature has given us.  The perfect backdrop to finish our journey.


Our view

Penrith we will visit you again.

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