Birmingham Town Centre

Our first day.

Location: Birmingham                     Travel Cost: £4

It’s an eerie Saturday morning. It’s January and it’s Birmingham. Cold and crisp? Yep. Today’s the day of our first ‘UK on a budget’ trip and what better than to begin at our hometown! So we decided to meet at the Bull Ring for 8am to get a good start. Camera in hand, we begin at ‘Moor Street’ station. Who’d have thought such a traditional building, with the new age Bullring to the right, still exists. Built in 1909, the exterior shows so much back story – old looking shops with high beamed ceilings showing off a rustic yet inviting feel.

Birmingham Moor Street Station

Enter the walkway. St Martins church in view, framed by a selection of cafes and restaurants to dine at. And what a sight it was- ghostly, stunning. The City Centre – if we just stop and take a look around.

The walkway

Of course while we are here, it makes sense to visit the renovated ‘New Street Station’. Certainly seems just as big as expected although we could not explore the whole building as we did not have any train journeys (Oh well! Another time). So rather, we took a pit stop in a coffee shop and naturally, as you do, browsed our photos?! 🙂 (Heck we even took macro shots of our coffee mugs, but we can’t show you those! #deleted #apologies)

Next we moved towards the Birmingham Council House which sits proud like a palace. The iconic water feature is no longer a water feature! Rather, it is home to many plants and flowers, which seems to fit right in with the council house and its surrounding buildings (RIP Central Library 🙂 ).

Birmingham Council House

Famous for its university graduation ceremonies and concerts, Birmingham Town Hall clearly has inherited it’s looks from our fellow Greek friends. It’s almost like being transported to Greece itself.

Birmingham Town Hall

The penultimate stop was the New Library of Birmingham. With it’s many floors and repeated symmetrical layouts, it’s a definitely a unique place. Nature friendly visitors should glide swiftly past the books and land at one of the two beautiful roof top gardens. There are places to sit and enjoy the panoramic views of Birmingham’s industrial skyline.

Library of Birmingham
Rooftop garden

Birmingham is proudly resident to a larger canal network than Venice itself! Brindley Place being one of the popular hubs, surrounded by a variety of bars and restaurants, it’s the kind of place that’s bustling with energy day and night. Beautifully picturesque, it was a perfect end to our day.

Brindley Place

As you know Birmingham is our home town and we have travelled through these places many times before. However, looking at it from another perspective made all the difference. 🙂 #photography

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